Top-quality pallet supplier

Pallet quality control

Monitoring of raw materials and parts

Quality control starts on the premises of suppliers of pallet elements, and serves to eliminate any possible irregularities that may arise at the stage of preparing raw materials for production. Pallet elements are also subject to checks upon entering the plant and at every post through which they proceed.

Finished product checks

Finished products are checked by Palletenwerk’s quality control department and by external auditors. Additionally, europallets are subjected to verification in terms of conformity with the UIC 435-2 standard under the EPAL licence, while pallets with the HT symbol are subjected to further checks, in order to verify their compliance with phytosanitary norms, as required for the IPPC certificate.

Pallets for “sensitive” uses

Multi-stage quality control system, which ensures the highest quality of pallets and their compliance with technical and phytosanitary standards, is particularly beneficial in the case of “sensitive” uses, for instance in food or pharmaceutical industry. This is the reason why most Customers have chosen PalettenWerk as their leading provider of pallets.

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