Continuous growth and improvement


03.2019The largest producer of Düsseldorf pallets in all Poland

The production of Dusseldorf palettes at PalettenWerk reached the level of 75,000 pieces per month – thus making us the largest producer of this type of pallets in Poland, and one of the largest in Europe. The company has gained its leading position in just over 2 years from the launch of production, and we are constantly investing in further development. Only in recent months, a new paint shop has been opened for the production of Düsseldorf pallets within the Jordanów plant, and automated production of countertops has been implemented.
The high market demand for DHP pallets results from of their serviceable properties – the pallets are intended for both transportation and sales, and not having to reload the goods to another carrier facilitates reducing the number of operations in the entire logistics process.

03.2019Entry zone at the Jordanów plant

In March, a new office building with an area of 60 m2 was commissioned at the Jordanów plant. It provides comfortable working conditions for 4 people responsible for servicing the incoming and outgoing traffic from the warehouse. This is the first stage of works on the reorganization of the entry zone, which shall improve internal logistics processes in response to the needs arising from the growing sales and development of the company.

02.2019New drying chambers – better environmental impact parameters

New drying chambers were commissioned and launched at the PalettenWerk plant in Jordanów. The investment will primarily result in a further improvement of the environmental impact parameters – the new devices, equipped with heat recovery function, have replaced the older types of drying chambers.

09.2018Extension of storage shelters at Palko plant

The extension of the storage shelters intended for storing pallets has been completed. The additional 600 square metres of warehouse space obtained thanks to this investment will facilitate maintaining higher numbers of finished products at the Palko production plant. This stock will allow us to shorten the time of delivering orders to our Customers.

08.2018Installing a new machine for the production of special pallets

In August, PalettenWerk launched a new machine designed for the production of special pallets. State-of-the-art device by the Spanish CAPE brand is equipped with 3 nailing units, and has the capacity for producing up to 3 thousand pallets per shift. The quickly adjustable production line allows for the efficient manufacturing of short series of special pallets – executed in accordance with individual Customer guidelines.
Investing in the device enables further development of one of PalettenWerk’s chief market advantages, which is the “mass customization” – the possibility of manufacturing pallets according to the individual specifications, while significantly reducing the unit cost of production.

08.2018“Pallet 4.0” wooden packaging dedicated for the Industry 4.0 environment

Palko Sp. z o.o. received co-financing from PARP in the amount of PLN 21 302 862 for the implementation of a research and development project, with the objective to develop an innovative product within the EPAL system, namely, “Pallets 4.0”.
Palette 4.0 is designed as a modern cargo carrier that can be automatically tracked and controlled. Therefore, the new type of palette simultaneously becomes a carrier of information. Another key element of the project is the development of an electronic system for pallet identification and the management of information generated by pallet turnover.
Participation in this project reinforces the position of PalettenWerk as the leader in the Polish EPAL pallet market, not only in terms of the number of manufactured products, but also in terms of innovation. The company plays an active part in setting new standards for the pallet market, as well as implementing the latest solutions in the field.

07.2018Increased capacity to maintain the pool of ready pallets

Further extension of warehouse shelters for storing finished pallets was completed at the Jordanów plant. Increased storage capacities will enable PalettenWerk to further develop additional services – in this case, to maintain stock levels of finished products for the Customers’ needs. This solution will shorten the waiting time for the order

10.2017Polish Smart Growth Award

PalettenWerk Kozik Sp. j. company received the Polish Smart Growth Award for the implementation of the project titled “Development of an innovative modular construction technology, prefabricated on a wood base by PalettenWerk Sp. j. company”. The award for the project was granted in the ‘Innovative Company’ category.
The Polish Smart Growth Award, presented at the Second Smart Growth Forum, is a prestigious distinction for enterprises that remain focused on the future, eager to undertake new challenges, and effectively form the basis for sustainable economic development of the country as a whole. The selection of winners is based on projects and investment ventures implemented using EU and national funds as well as the companies’ own budgets. One of the main criteria is the attention to the research and development sphere, and the impact of the undertaken developments on the region and the local community.

10.2017New drying chambers with the capacity for 9 thousand EPAL pallets

PalettenWerk added three more drying chambers, with the capacity for 9 thousand EPAL pallets. The drying equipment is manufactured by the renowned Muhlbock company. After the completion of the investment project, the total drying capacity in both the PalettenWerk and Palko plants increased to as many as 70 thousand EPAL pallets at one time. This means that over 8 million pallets can be dried during one year. Such production capacity reaffirms the leading position of PalettenWerk as the largest producer of pallets throughout Poland.

10.2017Replacement of gas-fuelled forklift trucks with electric ones

At PalettenWerk, we launched a modernized, ecological and safe battery charger for forklift trucks. The investment is related to the continuation of the process of replacing gas-fuelled forklift trucks with electric ones, which are more energy-efficient and more environmentally friendly. At the moment, there are already 10 modern forklift trucks of the renowned Still brand operating at PalettenWerk.

10.2017An award for Palko employees

In order to thank the select, outstanding production workers for their great commitment and exemplary attitude, Palko company treated them to a weekend at a SPA hotel.

10.2017Team-building event for PalettenWerk and Palko managers

In Murzasichle, a team-building event between the managerial staff of PalettenWerk and Palko took place. The participants of the meeting enjoyed dinner together, and on the next day, they ventured on a mountain trip, during which they completed a route of 17 km, passing through Rusinowa Polana.

09.2017Business League – the football debut of PalettenWerk

In mid-October, PalettenWerk will debut in the Football Business League. The company’s team consists of 16 players, and we begin at the level of the Third Division. Business League is the organizer of football and volleyball games for companies, currently attended by nearly 160 teams representing the largest enterprises from Kraków and the surrounding area.

07.2017Company picnics of PalettenWerk and Palko

In July, PalettenWerk company picnic took place, attended by employees and families – all in all, nearly 300 people. During the event there were many attractions for children, including contests with prizes. Also in July, Palko company picnic was held, when awards were presented to outstanding employees – prizes included weekend stays in SPA resorts.


06.2017Support for the Care Home in Jordanów

In June 2017, thanks to the financial assistance from PalettenWerk, two rooms were renovated at the Care Home for Children and Youth with Disabilities in Jordanów. This marked the beginning of cooperation between PalettenWerk and the Home’s Director, Sister Bronisława from the Congregation of the Presentation of Virgin Mary, which runs this establishment. The mission of the Home is the education, social inclusion, therapy, as well as development and maintenance of skills necessary for independent living.

06.2017EPAL system development perspectives

On 22 June 2017, a meeting of EPAL Strategy Group took place, attended by Jarosław Maciążek, representing the largest Polish pallet manufacturer, PalettenWerk. Proceedings concerned the prospects for the development of the EPAL system in the next 10 years. The role and responsibilities of EPAL National Committees were also discussed.

03.2017The most state-of-the-art DHP pallet production line in Europe

Palko plant has completed the installation of the most state-of the-art Dusseldorf pallet production line in Europe. The line was manufactured by the reputable MBA company from Germany. The line boasts production capacity of 1000 pallets per 8 hours. The device guarantees unprecedented quality parameters of the manufactured products. The launch of the production line with such excellent quality features – at the level hitherto unattainable – was made possible by close collaboration between the PalettenWerk team and the MBA, which resulted in a number of innovative process and product solutions.
This improvement was implemented with the support of EU funds from the Regional Operational Program of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodship for the years 2014-2020, Priority Axis II. Competitive economy, Measure 2.5. Investment support for the SME sector.

01.2017Automated line for painting the pallets

In Palko plant, an automated line for painting the pallets was launched. Line capacity is 4 thousand pallets per 8 hours of work. With the introduction of the line, PalettenWerk significantly increased its production capacity for pallets that require painting. This is particularly important in the context of closed pallet pools. The painting room is constructed as a closed chamber with an efficient filtration system. Consequently, the impact of the paint shop on the environment is reduced to a minimum. Moreover, the operator remains outside the chamber during the painting process, thus eliminating the risk factor in the workplace.

09.2016New office building for Palko

A new office building was inaugurated at Palko, with usable area of over 250 m2. It will provide comfortable working conditions for the Palko team, as well as promoting increased efficiency. Environment-friendly, the facility was built using energy-saving technologies.

09.2016Conference of the Palko and PalettenWerk team

At the Palko plant, conference was held with the participation of Palko and PalettenWerk team members. Its purpose was to discuss the current situation of the company and to bring the team together.

08.2016Implementation of ERP system at PalettenWerk Group completed

In September, we completed the launch of a new, fully integrated ERP system for the PalettenWerk Group. The system was first introduced in the company on 1 January 2016. It provides centralized, dynamic planning of supplies, supply chain, production and sales. It facilitates full traceability of materials and products, and tracking of all warehouse processes. Another function of the new ERP system is to report results in all business areas of PalettenWerk.
The implementation of the system has optimized the map of processes, and increased the efficiency of distribution and control of tasks within the organization. This allows us to better serve our Customers and to provide them with high quality products, always on time.

06.2016Jarosław Maciążek becomes Board Member of Palko

In recognition of his achievements and contribution to the development of the company, Jarosław Maciążek was appointed a member of the Palko company Board of Directors.

05.2016Financing program for Palko’s suppliers

We have implemented a financing system for the suppliers delivering to the Palko production plant. The system facilitates payments as soon as the second day after receiving an invoice, which considerably improves financial liquidity of suppliers. A similar financing program for suppliers has been in operation at PalettenWerk since October 2015, where it has proven successful – in March, the value limits for suppliers were increased by 50%.
Now Palko’s suppliers can also receive payments for the goods delivered almost immediately.

04.2016PalettenWerk trademark registered

The Patent Office of the Republic of Poland has extended protection over the PalettenWerk trademark. The purpose of registering the trademark was to gain legal protection of the trademark, which has already gained a strong position in the market, and to prevent potential infringements of PalettenWerk rights by third parties.

01.2016Dusseldorf pallet production line

In Palko plant, we launched a Dusseldorf pallet production line. The highest quality of Dusseldorf pallets has been endorsed by the approval of our major customers. Modern work cell allows for the implementation of the entire production process as a one-piece flow, thus eliminating any waste and ensuring the highest quality of the end product.

01.2016Responsible acquisition of raw materials – PEFC certificate

All PalettenWerk products are manufactured using raw materials from sustainably managed forests; in their development we are respecting environmental, social and ethical standards. In December 2015, PalettenWerk received PEFC certificate confirming that the control system for the acquisition of wood raw material meets strict criteria, while the company is able to follow its origin back to the specific location within the forest. Therefore, so can the clients – recipients of certified PalettenWerk pallets.
PEFC is world’s largest organization dealing with the certification of forestry, and the certificate reaffirms PalettenWerk’s commitment to supporting sustainable silviculture management.

12.2015Business Wings distinction awarded to Palko

One of our production facilities, Palko Sp. z o. o. in Gniewięcin, has come third in the prestigious ranking of "Business Wings", organised cyclically by the publisher of "Dziennik Gazety Prawnej", INFOR Biznes Sp. z o. o. (in the category of: medium enterprises, regions of podkarpackie, lubelskie and świętokrzyskie). The ranking aims to distinguish and promote reliable companies which achieve good financial result within the SME sector. High rank achieved by Palko confirms that the company meets the stated criteria of reliability, innovation, and growth.

12.2015Confirmation of retaining the ISO quality system

Audits of ISO systems at PalettenWerk and Palko earlier this month concluded with a satisfying and successful outcome. As a result of management system assessment in both companies, the CSQ Technical Committee decided to reconfirm the certificate of compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 standard.

10.2015Suppliers financing programme

We have completed the implementation of PalettenWerk suppliers financing programme, enabling the suppliers to receive payment for the goods delivered as soon as within two days of invoicing. The aim is to improve financial liquidity of suppliers and create the most comfortable possible conditions of cooperation with PalettenWerk. The financing takes the form of granting a preferential credit to the supplier, at advantageous terms and conditions, with no requirement to present financial data or submit a credit collateral. The programme is open to all kinds of suppliers, including sawmills, transportation companies, as well as suppliers of machines and machine parts.

09.2015PalettenWerk and Palko Management Conference

“One Team” was the main theme of the PalettenWerk and Palko management conference, held in September in Głogoczów near Kraków. The main objective of the conference was for the managers of the two facilities to meet and get to know each other better: the PalettenWerk team from Jordanów, and the Palko team of Gniewięcin. The official part was devoted to the achievements and successes over the past three years. Among the speakers were the owners of the business and heads of the departments. The purpose of the unofficial part was a further integration of the “One Team”.

07.2015The increase of total pallet drying capacity to 60,000 units.

Thanks to yet another investment, completed in July 2015, the total pallet drying capacity of the PalettenWerk and Palko plants was increased to 60 thousand EPAL pallets at one feed. At the Palko plant, Mühlböck drying chambers were installed: an efficient and environmentally friendly solution with a total capacity of 5,650 units per one load. The drying chambers are equipped with a fully automatic operation and a heat recovery system, which reduces the cost and has a positive impact on the environment.

06.2015Jarosław Maciążek chosen Vice-President of EPAL

We are proud to announce that the Sales Manager of PalettenWerk Jarosław Maciążek was chosen to become Vice-President of the Polish National EPAL Committee. The elections for a new board took place during the annual General Meeting held on 26 June 2015 in Sopot.

Active involvement in the Polish and European EPAL structures allows PalettenWerk to participate in the creation of rules for the turnover and quality control of pallets, and at the same time, it reasserts the company’s position as a leader in the Polish market of wooden pallets.

05.2015Modern biomass-fed furnace

At the Palko plant, a new biomass-fed furnace was launched, by renowned Austrian manufacturer - the Kohlbach company. This state-of-the-art furnace with a capacity of 2 MW allows for efficient acquisition of thermal energy. This is another investment in support of responsible energy management and environmental protection. With this new investment, the total capacity of all biomass installations at the Palko and PalettenWerk plants increased to 11 MW.

04.2015The system for marking wooden pallets

At the PalettenWerk and Palko plants, a pallet labelling system was introduced that allows the exact determination of when, by whom and on which machine each pallet was produced. Implementation of the system is aimed at increasing the standards of quality control in the production of wooden pallets. It facilitates the flow of product stock, according to the FIFO principle.

03.2015“SMED - reducing the time of changeovers” Workshops

A series of workshops was launched at the Palko factory on “SMED - reducing the time of changeovers”. These are designed for machine operators and managers in the production department. The aim of the workshops, which are carried out under the supervision of an outside consultant, is to minimize the costs associated with machine changeovers. A series of workshops is planned over 8 months.

09.2014Offices renovated, new front office completed

The modernisation to the second wing of the PalettenWerk office building in Jordanów has been completed. Newly refurbished space includes a brand-new front office. Higher standard of office space improves comfort for the company's Customers and employees, and facilitates creation of new workstations for the steadily growing pool of staff.

09.2014Training on the "Effective production planning and management”

In response to the continued growth of our company and to increasing volume of production, managerial staff of PalettenWerk took part in a training program on effective production planning and management. We hope that this will result in further optimisation of the company's functioning as well as in building personal and professional skills.

08.2014Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) Certificate renewed

PalettenWerk renewed the certificate of AEO (Authorized Economic Operator), which facilitates faster and safer trade exchange, as orders are processed in close cooperation with Customs and Excise. The status of the Authorized Economic Operator is respected throughout the European Community, and it asserts PalettenWerk’s conformity with customs regulations, proper management of trade and transportation documents, its solvency, as well as appropriate safety and security standards. The AEO Certificate has its legal basis in the EC Regulation no. 648/2005, applicable since 1 January 2008.

06.2014Extended access and new parking lots for Customers and employees

Extended access road to PalettenWerk facilities in Jordanów as well as new parking space for TIR vehicles awaiting their load guarantee improved comfort to our Customers and respond to the increasing traffic to and from our production plant. For the convenience of our employees, we have constructed another parking lot for passenger cars.

05.2014Modern production line in the Palko plant

At the Palko production plant in Gniewęcin, another production line was launched: the fully automated Erba line, boasting high production capacity: up to 400 pallets per hour. It is the most state-of-the-art, modern and efficient of all seven production lines throughout Palko and PalettenWerk, suited to serve the production of both standard and special pallets, including solid-deck pallets. The new line facilitates production of a large number of high quality pallets in a short time, and therefore responds to the growing demand, on the part of our Customers, for a quality product and fast delivery.

03.2014Saving energy: new environment-friendly Kohlbach boiler

One month after launching the new, environmentally friendly pallet-drying plant, another investment was completed, supporting responsible energy management and PalettenWerk’s commitment to environmental protection. We launched a highly energy-efficient, environment-friendly Kohlbach furnace. With the power of 3.5 MW, it is adapted for the combustion of wood residues, and equipped with a heat-recovery system (up to 500kW). The operation of the new furnace increased our capacity for pallet drying, while allowing for considerable energy savings.

02.2014Training on quality management according to ISO 9001

PalettenWerk managerial staff received further training related to ISO 9001:2000, as a part of continuous improvement to the previously implemented quality management system. Its main aim is to ensure high quality of processes performed: pallet production, deliveries, and customer service, as well as striving for continuous quality improvement.

02.2014Innovative, environmentally friendly pallet-drying kilns

In the Jordanów plant, new environmentally friendly pallet-drying facilities by Mühlböck were launched, consisting of 3 drying chambers with a combined output of 15 thousand EPAL pallets. Just like all the other pallet-drying facilities at PalettenWerk, the new kilns are equipped with a built-in heat recovery system, with an added, innovative element of controlling ventilator rotation speed. The latter mechanism facilitates energy savings of additional 30%. As a result of the investment project, the combined pallet-drying capacity of the Jordanów plant increased to 40 thousand pallets in one full cycle.

01.2014Environmentally friendly forklifts

Four new, environment-friendly Still brand forklifts were purchased to service PalettenWerk storage facilities. Choosing modern forklifts powered with electricity reflects our attention to working conditions, and our commitment to the natural environment.

01.2014New storage shelter

Another stage of extensions to the Jordanów plan was completed, with the addition of a new storage shelter. It will improve the conditions for pallet storage and therefore further optimise the logistics of deliveries to our Customers.

10.2013New offices in Jordanów

New offices were inaugurated in Jordanów. These high standard quarters are intended for the staff of our production, purchases, maintenance, and logistics departments. Investing in new offices was our answer to growing numbers of employees, who service the steadily increasing volume of production and sales at PalettenWerk.

09.2013Remodelling of the PalettenWerk offices in Jordanów completed

The modernisation of PalettenWerk office building in Jordanów has been completed. New facilities for the production department, purchasing department, maintenance department and sales department will improve the comfort of our employees and facilitate further additions to PalettenWerk staff.

09.2013Legal transformation of the company

In order to meet the needs and expectations of our Customers, we continually expand our resources in the production and logistics domain, while streamlining processes of order fulfillment, and introducing organizational improvements. We aim to create the best possible conditions for your cooperation with our company – and to that end, we have transformed the Zakład Produkcyjno-Handlowy PalettenWerk Kazimierz Kozik into PalettenWerk Kozik Spółka Jawna.

Information about legal transformation of the company »

08.2013Investing further: environmentally-friendly furnace

Following the construction of the pallet-drying plant, we now invested in a Kohlbach furnace. The furnace of 4 MW power is adapted for the combustion of wood residues, and it is equipped with a heat-recovery system. The project will result in considerable energy savings, coupled with increased capacity for pallet drying. The investment is financed under the Energy Loans facility, and we intend to complete it in January 2014. Both projects (pallet-drying kilns and furnace) will greatly reduce environmental impact, and therefore they testify to PalettenWerk’s ongoing commitment to CSR.

07.2013Warehouse extension – storage room for additional 40 thousand pallets

At the Palko pallet production plant in Gniewęcin a new storage shelter was completed with the capacity of 40 thousand pallets. Extended storage capacity of the Palko site will facilitate efficient servicing of the growing volume of orders, maintaining timeliness and flexibility of pallet deliveries.

06.2013Investing in new infrastructure: ecological pallet-drying kilns

PalettenWerk purchased an additional hectare (over two acres) of land intended to house new infrastructure. The first investment project is an environmentally friendly pallet-drying plant by Mühlböck, with a built-in heat recovery system, just as in all pallet-drying kilns at PalettenWerk. An innovative element in the system is the control of ventilator rotation speed, which allows for energy savings of additional 30%. The pallet-drying system consists of 3 drying chambers with a combined output of 15 thousand EPAL pallets. When this investment project is completed, pallet-drying capacity of the Jordanów plant shall increase to 40 thousand pallets.

12.2012Automatic pallet marking line

Responding to the needs of the logistics market, which increasingly requires close control of pallet turnover, PalettenWerk launched an automatic line for pallet marking according to the Customer’s specification. The structure and mechanics of the line as well as the software that controls it are entirely custom-made, created by PalettenWerk’s engineers.

11.2012Improved Customer Service process

In order to streamline the processes, in view of the growing number of Customers, PalettenWerk introduced a custom made "BOX" system, which makes it possible for our company’s employees to communicate and exchange information in real time. The system is based on cloud computing solutions, and it speeds up the Customer service process tremendously.

07.2012New pallet drying kilns with a heat recovery system

In July 2012, in Jordanów, we have launched two extremely efficient, state-of-the-art pallet-drying kilns, fitted with a heat recovery system. The recovered heat is subsequently reused in the production process. Thanks to this investment, PalettenWerk greatly increased its pallet drying capacity, while adding yet another environmentally friendly solution to its production technologies.

10.2011New losses monitoring program

PalettenWerk Company implemented a new program for the monitoring of wastage and losses occurring in the wooden pallet production process. The program constitutes yet another improvement in the field of production management, aimed at streamlining the processes, as well as at a better environment protection, through decreasing the use of resources per unit.

04.2011AEO Certificate

PalettenWerk received the AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) Certificate, which shall facilitate a faster and more secure trade exchange, thanks to the close collaboration with Customs and Excise in the delivery process. The AEO Certificate has its legal basis in the EC Regulation no. 648/2005, applicable since 1 January 2008.

04.2011New just-in-time system of deliveries

Since April 2011, a new, extended system of deliveries has been in operation at PalettenWerk, covering the whole length of our delivery chain, including in particular the producers of raw materials, as well as incorporating internal logistics and production processes. Thanks to the new system, PalettenWerk is now able to deliver our Customers’ orders in an even faster and more flexible manner.

11.2010New energy recycling installation

At the PalettenWerk headquarters in Jordanów, a new energy recycling installation has been launched. Energy savings we have achieved thanks to this particular investment are approximately 30%. This is an element of our long-standing environmental policy, which we have been consistently implementing at PalettenWerk for years.

05.2010New ERP management system

After several months of testing and implementation, a new ERP-class management system was launched at PalettenWerk. This integrated system brings together all operational processes of the company, while making it possible to manage the production and deliveries to our Customers all the more efficiently.

01.2010New production line

It took several weeks to launch a new production line for wooden pallets at our manufacturing facility in Jordanów. The Erba brand line is now our most up-to-date, highly efficient production line. We have introduced it in response to a constant, steady increase in the amount of orders from PalettenWerk’s Customers.

09.2009EPAL “Gold Pallet”

PalettenWerk was honored by the Polish National Committee of EPAL with the prestigious "Gold Palette" award. It is a recognition of the market position of PalettenWerk as a producer of EPAL pallets.

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