26 drying chambers for pallets

The IPPC Certificate

PalettenWerk holds the IPPC certificate awarded by the Wood Technology Institute in Poznań. The certificate confirms that the technical and organisational conditions at PalettenWerk ensure the compatibility of our manufacturing process for wooden packaging, and pallets in particular, with phytosanitary norms required within the European Union. PalettenWerk has 26 closed drying chambers, with the capacity to serve 680 thousand pallets per month.

Pallet drying technology

The technology we have implemented guarantees that the manufactured products are free from bark (DB). Our devices and processes allow for drying wooden elements, and reducing humidity down to 20% (KD) or less, in such a way that the core of an item dried in the chamber is treated at a temperature of at least 56°C for at least 30 minutes; this is equivalent to phytosanitary heat treatment (HT).

What does the IPPC certificate guarantee?

  • Compliance with phytosanitary requirements
  • Maximum humidity level of 20%
  • Longer pallet lifecycle
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