230 thousand EPAL pallets per month

EPAL Licence

PalettenWerk holds the EPAL licence number PL-104. The EPAL quality sign on PalettenWerk’s pallets guarantees complete safety of use, therefore our company’s Customers may be sure that the goods will not be damaged in transport. Pallets manufactured with the EPAL licence maintain a recognised standard, required within the European Community.

EPAL europallets

What is our quality control process?

Prior to entering the market, each lot of EPAL europallet undergoes strict quality control tests. PalettenWerk manufactures europallets using 2nd level control, which means that it does not need to have each lot of europallets checked by external control authorities.

External audits run under the EPAL licence terms. They are random, and the inspection covers such issues as: verification of the precise dimensions of pallets and their individual elements, visual assessment of the wood used, measuring the humidity of the wood and verification of the correct use of connecting materials and marking.

The EPAL Certificate guarantees that the customers will receive:

  • A regular and recurrent nailing scheme to ensure the durability and stability of the construction
  • Plank thickness of no less than 22 mm to guarantee pallet load capacity of up to 2000 kg
  • Sharp edges to the planks are the effect of careful preparation of raw materials for the production
  • Humidity below 22% guarantees long-term usage of the pallet
  • Evenly seared and complete markings allow for the differentiation between an EPAL europallet and
    a not-certificated one
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