No. 1 pallet producer in Poland

EPAL europallets

PalettenWerk is a certified manufacturer of pallets with the EPAL quality sign that comply with the UIC 435-2 standard. The EPAL Certificate guarantees an extreme safety of use, while PalettenWerk’s Customers can be sure that the goods will not be damaged in transport.

EPAL Licence

EPAL “Gold Pallet” Award

At PalettenWerk we produce approximately 230 thousand europallets per month, which makes us the leading Polish manufacturer thereof. As the only company in Poland, PalettenWerk has received the prestigious “Gold Pallet” award, granted to us by the Polish National EPAL Committee, in recognition of PalettenWerk’s achievements in organising pallet circulation system in Poland, as well as our company’s leading position in the sales of EPAL europallets.


EPAL pallet types

We manufacture all four types of EPAL pallets: EUR, EUR 2, EUR 3, and EUR 6. Furthermore, PalettenWerk has experience in the production of EPAL pallets with heightened standard, for “sensitive” uses, for instance, in food and pharmaceutical industries.

EUR 800 x 1200 mm pallet

EUR 2 1200 x 1000 mm pallet

EUR 3 1000 x 1200 mm pallet

EUR 6 800 x 600 mm pallet

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