100% ecological production

Environmental Protection

Environmentally-friendly company

In its operations, PalettenWerk aims at making the company’s impact on the environment a rational and safe one. PalettenWerk’s environmental policy allows for efficient and careful management of raw materials and energy, as well as for limiting the negative effects of the manufacturing process on the environment.

Rational resources management

PalettenWerk’s wooden pallets are fully organic, durable and reusable. Pallets, which are not fit for repair, are turned into other products, like pellets or sawdust. The wood used for manufacturing pallets is solely derived from nursery-felling of trees and from lumber-mill waste.

Saving and recycling energy

PalettenWerk company authored numerous technological innovations in the field of energy saving and recycling. Our manufacturing process utilises mostly sawdust and bark fuelled furnaces, while the heat from the combustion process and from the drying of pallets is partially reclaimed and re-entered into the energy circulation.

Ethical sourcing of raw materials

PalettenWerk products are manufactured exclusively from raw material obtained from sustainably managed forests. In their production process, we respect the environmental, social and ethical standards. Confirmation of meeting these standards is the PEFC certificate that we obtained in 2015.

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