No. 1 pallet producer in Poland

Dusseldorf-type pallets

Dusseldorf-type pallets (DHP, or half-pallets) are manufactured in accordance with the standards specified in norm no. DIN 15146. PalettenWerk owns a fully automated, state-of-the-art line for their production – the most modern throughout Poland – by a reputable German manufacturer. The production capacity of the line is 70 thousand pieces of Dusseldorf-type pallets per month.

Characteristics of Dusseldorf-type pallets

Four-way Dusseldorf pallets, with the dimensions of 600x800 mm, are easy to use, even when only a limited space is available. Pallets of this type are commonly used in trade – for example in discount shopping networks – for storage, and as a stand base for promotional displays.

EPAL half-pallet

CHEP half-pallet

LPR half-pallet

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