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The biggest pallet manufacturer and exporter

PalettenWerk-manufactured pallets are used by hundreds of companies operating in the food industry, construction, chemical, pharmaceutical, brewery, metal, and other industries. Every month, 900 TIR trucks depart from our plant to deliver pallets to Customers in the domestic and international market.

Highest standards of quality and customer service

Quality and customer service standards at PalettenWerk shall meet expectations of even the most demanding domestic and international Customers. Our Clients include major enterprises and corporations, while 60% of our products are exported to over 17 European countries.

Individual approach and long-term cooperation

A majority of our Customers have been choosing PalettenWerk for many years now, and most them have been with us since our company was first established. What PalettenWerk’s Customers appreciate the most is flexibility of supplies, product quality, and an individual, tailor-made approach towards each single Client.

Highly qualified staff and production facilities

Each day, more than 300 of our expert staff ensure high quality of the output, as well as timely and efficient deliveries. Our manufacturing and warehouse facilities are housed in two locations: Jordanów in the Małopolska region (PalettenWerk headquarters) and in Gniewęcin in the Świętokrzyskie region (Palko brand).

Modern and efficient management tools

In order to ensure the highest quality of production and logistics processes, at PalettenWerk we employ a number of tools. Combined, they constitute a quality management system, orders and deliveries management system, resources management system, material flows support system, as well as day-by-day losses monitoring program.

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